The Snow Child in paperback!

Grizzly bear tracks in the snow.

Dear snowy reader,

Today I am excited to announce that The Snow Child is now available in paperback here in the United States. It’s being shipped this week, and I’m already hearing reports of its landing in bookstores around the country.

Those of you in the UK or Australia or New Zealand might be baffled. The paperback was published there in August, but each publisher sets its own schedule.

So here in Palmer, Alaska, we’re celebrating. I’ll be at Fireside Books on Saturday to sign copies from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. And I might have a glass of bubbly and a snowflake cookie.

It has been a remarkable journey. This past year since The Snow Child was published in hardcover has been full of surprises. There was a five-week world tour, reviews and award nominations. I received word that The Snow Child was shortlisted for the Flaherty-Dunnan First Novel Prize, which means a trip to New York City for the awards dinner in December.

I will also be returning to London this December for some book events and other excitement. I’ll share more details soon.

The Snow Child has been nominated for a Goodreads Choice Award, determined by readers. You can cast your vote here.

And there are more surprises coming up this winter in Alaska that I will write about as soon as I can.

I did have one disappointment, though. The world tour meant that I missed autumn, my favorite season in Alaska. I wasn’t able to pick wild blueberries on the tundra, and our family wasn’t able to go on our annual caribou or moose hunt.

But last week my husband Sam and I had a rare gift — he and I spent a quiet day hunting for caribou north of our home. The sun was sparkling off the snow. We saw grizzly bear tracks, caribou too far away to shoot, a curious coyote. It was the kind of spectacular Alaska day that keeps me grounded even as I enjoy the whirlwind of The Snow Child.

And thanks to Sam, our family gratefully worked all weekend butchering and packaging meat from the caribou he got on another trip. We’ve also managed to get the firewood split and stacked, so with a well-filled freezer and a warm fire, we are feeling quite content.
I hope you are, too.



The winter sun sets on tracks in the snow — caribou, hunters, coyotes, and bears.


  • sardav64 says:

    You have had an amazing year. Good luck with the paperback edition. One of the reading group that I coordinate recently read ‘the snow child’ and they really enjoyed it
    Best wishes

  • Pamela Ivey says:

    I so enjoy reading your notes, always joy and excitement and yes, accomplishments. Love to you all.

  • lori says:

    thank you for writing this book. i finished today and did not want it to end. i was wondering, is the cover art for the book available for sale anywhere? i really loved the snow child!

  • The Snow Child remains my favourite read of 2012 and one of my all time favourites, have already voted on Goodreads and hope it succeeds, it is so deserving and I will never cease recommending it to everyone.

    Congratulations on the new issue of it in paperback, this is a book that will endure and I am sure it will be popping up in Christmas stockings everywhere this year.

    What a special set of prints, I hope the grizzly remains elusive to the hunters, his tracks inspire the imagination and look beautiful in the dying sun.

  • Betsy says:

    I’m so glad the paperback is shipping. I have five on order for Christmas presents. I guess you could say I liked the hardback…

  • Barbara Borg-Jenkins says:

    I am buying copies for some of my family this year for Christmas. Our book group is also doing it in November 2013. I would also be interested in the cover art of the book. Is it available. Thank you for such a magical story!