Postcard from home

Hello from Alaska! After five weeks circling the globe, I am so very glad to be back. My first morning, I was welcomed with snow. It has since melted and we are now enjoying an unseasonably warm autumn. The leaves are gone from the trees, the fireweed blooms have turned to feathery fluff, and the tall grass is golden.

I missed so much about this place: crisp Alaskan air, spruce trees, mountains in all directions, friendly greetings from neighbors at the post office and grocery store, caribou steak and new potatoes, rhubarb cordial, a birch fire in the woodstove, family close by, and the complete silence and darkness of nightfall.

This weekend I head out again, but this time to a kind of second home — the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association trade show , this year in Tacoma, Washington. Sunday morning I’ll be speaking at a breakfast event along with authors Jon Klassen, Karen Cushman, and Sherman Alexie.

I look forward to visiting with you bookseller friends out there.





  • NathanDunbar says:

    Oh gosh, talk about timing! I’ll be in Seattle NEXT WEEK, can’t believe I’ll miss you so closely! Hope you have a great time though. 🙂

  • Ben says:

    Glad you are safe at home. God bless.

  • Graham Strugnell says:

    Am loving your wonderful book. Also wondering if you’ve seen the seminal 70s Nic Roeg film ‘Don’t Look Now’, which has a similar child haunting theme. Your writing makes me want to come and live in Alaska!