Postcard from Juneau, Alaska

Juneau downtown

Hello from Alaska’s state capital – Juneau! I so enjoyed my short stay here, seeing old friends, making new ones, visiting with fellow authors, and soaking up some of the amazing history and culture here. A highlight of the trip was a whale watch cruise, organized by the delightful owners of Hearthside Books. As several of us Alaska writers shared our current projects and books, we sipped wine and watched as humpback whales rolled and leapt beside us.

I also had a morning on my own, so I explored the marble halls of the capitol building, strolled past the governor’s mansion, and walked around historic downtown with its totem poles and Gold Rush buildings. And then I rode the tram up the mountain. It was foggy and rainy, but beautiful all the same.

One of my favorite things about these Southeastern Alaskans is the way they embrace their weather. It’s one way you can separate the tourists from the locals – you might catch a visitor grumbling about the cool, rainy days. But locals respond: “Rainy? It’s just the way we like it!” You don’t see them huddling under umbrellas, and half the time they don’t even wear rain coats. It’s as if rain is as natural to them as air.

So I head back north with a newfound affection for this place and its artistic, hardy, welcoming people. I got some photos and, of course, a suitcase full of books that I picked up along the way.  And most unexpectedly, I’ve gathered some fantastic material here, from the habits of rufous hummingbirds to the mapping of Alaska, as I continue work on my next novel, Shadows on the Wolverine. Thank you to naturalist Bob Armstrong ( and Dee Longenbaugh of The Observatory.)

Most of all, thanks to Deb and Susan at Hearthside Books, everyone at Juneau Public Library, Maggie, Frank & Liz, MJ & Mike, and all the wonderful writers and readers I met on this visit. It was wonderful fun!




  • When we had a post for our Bookies Facebook page about a great book that takes place in Alaska, I had to put down ‘The Snow Child’!!! It was also awesome to see that other people had noted it down as well! 🙂

  • Anna Cramer says:

    Hey Eowyn! It was great meeting you and hearing you talk at the Juneau Library. Quick question, what was the writer’s conference that you were talking about.. the one you and your mom attended, where you pitched the Snow Child? Was it in Homer? I should have written it down! Gah!

  • Susan says:

    Thank YOU Eowyn for coming to Juneau and for enriching our lives with the bewitching Snow Child. I wish you well with your work on your next book and look forward to reading it. Susan