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Dear online reader,

Some people argue the web will be the death of fiction and literature, the demise of thought-provoking writing and in-depth analysis. But this past week has persuaded me otherwise.

While the digitized era certainly seems to favor short attention spans, the web also offers wonderful surprises.

  • LONG READS — A website devoted to the best long articles and essays being published. David Cheezem at Fireside Books told me about, and it is now one of my favorite websites. They post articles from magazines like Esquire, the Washington Post, Vanity Fair, and lesser-known publications. You can receive notices by email, and you can nominate articles you think should be included. Already I’ve read some of the most interesting, and well-written, pieces I have ever come across.
  • ANNOTATION NATION — My mom, Julie LeMay, is pursuing her MFA in poetry at Antioch University. Through her colleagues, she learned about the site Annotation Nation. The postings aren’t reviews  — “Loved it. Five stars” or “Stupid and pointless.” These are thoughtful essays looking at how a piece of writing actually works, including fiction, nonfiction and poetry. It’s a fabulous resource for writers, but I also think serious readers will enjoy it.
  • FIVE CHAPTERS — This website recently enabled me to get one of my short stories out into the world. serializes short fiction, publishing it daily over the course of a week. My story Remnants appeared on the site this week. It’s exciting to think they are creating more opportunities for fiction to thrive.

The biggest challenge of the web is learning about sites like these. That’s one reason I want to spread the word. And ask you — what treasures have you found online? Any websites that support arts and literature that you recommend?



P.S. If you click on the title heading for each website, it should take you there.


  • Thanks Eowyn. I’m always interested in exploring sites like these.

  • LEC says:

    As Poetry editor for Annotation Nation, thank you for the kind words and additional resources.

  • Sue Mathis says:

    I don’t do much web surfing so I am thankful for the sites you have recommended here on this blog. I am loving your short story “Remnants” on and look forward to reading more from other authors. I wouldn’t know about any of these cool sites if you didn’t post them. So, thanks Eowyn!

  • Valérie says:

    I don’t read literature online because I like real pages and book covers too much. However, I read more novels now than ten years ago because I read the advice of readers who, like me, share their opinions online. So I am totally convinced that computers will not kill literature.

  • sarah davis says:

    Hi Eowyn,
    Many thanks for the links. They all seem really interesting sites. I liked your short story. Best wishes Sarah

  • Silja Notoe says:

    I really loved your short story – as I did “The Snow Child”. Strong characters & stories and WONDERFUL nature descriptions. As if I were there…
    Best regards,
    Silja from Norway