Winter has arrived!

Dear stormy reader,

While the western coast of Alaska is facing what meteorologist say could be the worst storm on record, with hurricane-force winds and 25-foot seas, all is fairly quiet, but very snowy, here at our house. We are in Southcentral Alaska, hundreds of miles from places like Nome where the storm is expected to hit hardest.

Around here, it has been cold — about 5 below zero Fahrenheit yesterday morning. Over the past week or so, we received a good blanket of snow. So in a word, it’s winter! And as evidence, here are some photos I took around our place yesterday.

Stay warm!



Icicles glisten in the afternoon sun.

Our golden retriever loves snow.

Maybe it's time to put away the summer outdoor furniture.


  • Sarah davis says:

    Wow it looks so beautiful here in London it’s grey and it’s has been raining
    Best wishes Sarah

  • Mr. Jim says:

    I’ve added a ride down Ivey Hill to my bucket list.

  • I love the photo of the outdoor furniture covered with snow. Alaskan optimism!

  • Mrs Penfold says:

    Wow, it looks so gorgeous and clean. I love reading your blog and finsing out about life in Alaska. Sooo different from here, Aussie land. It is also incredibly interesting to read about the food you all eat and store.

  • Marielena says:

    Love the photo of your Golden Retriever in the snow! What a sweetie. It’s a bit more snow than I could handle, but so lovely to see. Thanks for sharing these photos, Eowyn.

  • Mr. Baer says:

    I guess I’m happy to be returning to snow covered lands. Looks like it’s time to get out the cross country skis. I have been enjoying the sunshine, although cool mornings in Missoula, Montana. Now if I was coming back from the Islands I might have different thoughts. In another month you will have a hard time finding those photos of sun shining in Chickaloon as it hides behind King Mountain for a month.

  • Eowyn Ivey says:

    Thanks for all your comments! It’s fun to know that people from London to Australia are enjoying our snow. And for those who live closer, I think a sledding party is due.