A day to feast … and feast

Dear hungry reader,

Today we are thawing out a turkey, shopping for yams and whipped cream, and preparing for tomorrow. For my international friends, I wonder — do you have something similar to our Thanksgiving? It’s a day of feasting with family and friends, for sharing gratitude. There are no gifts or songs — only cooking and eating. It’s just one day, but it often involves two days of preparation and two days of recovery from overeating.

Tomorrow morning, we’ll get up early and Sam will start making the stuffing. He is the primary cook on Thanksgiving, because it’s his favorite meal to prepare. We’ll have cranberry sauce, with a mix of wild and domestic berries, turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, candied yams, stuffing, green beans, dinner rolls, and for dessert — pecan and pumpkin pies with whipped cream.

In past years we’ve raised our own turkeys, but the local hatchery went out of business so we didn’t have an easy way to buy chicks.  Tomorrow we’ll eat an organic store-bought turkey we had in the freezer. A neighbor bought it for us after his sweet but overly enthusiastic dog killed one of our turkeys last fall.

During the day, while the turkey is cooking, we’ll go sledding and snowmachining (that’s what we call snowmobiles or sno-gos in Alaska.) Depending on the conditions, we might also get out the cross-country skis.

On Friday, we won’t be among the many Americans who throng to the malls for Christmas shopping deals. Instead, I’ll be at the bookstore working for a few hours, and Sam might take the girls out on the snowmachine.

But I will be taking a short holiday from the Internet, so I’ll see you on Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving!




  • Mr. Jim says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Sam and the girls.

  • Sarah davis says:

    Thanksgiving sounds fun we do not have any holidays like that in the uk although we do have turkey in Christmas day. I am not sure what candied yams are? Are they potatoes? Anyhow enjoy thanksgiving and have a good weekend best wishes sarah

  • Novel Girl says:

    Aw, us Australians don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. It seems like such a lovely celebration!

    And with all your own produce, what better way to eat with the family!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Sarah davis says:

    Just watched ‘the frozen planet’ a David Attenborough nature programe and there was footage of wolverines which I had never heard of before reading ‘the snow child’ they seem fascinating creatures

  • Happy Thanksgiving from Kodiak, Alaska!

  • Annie Aube says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope you guys have a wonderful day and weekend!!

  • Christy Thomas says:

    I missed the Ivey candied yams and stuffing my Atlanta family makes corn bread dressing, collard greens, and baked sweet potatoes instead.
    Candied yams are sweet potatoes that are candied with A LOT of sugar. They are orange, soupy, and delicious an Ivey Family specialty from a few generations back.

  • sarah davis says:

    many thanks Christy for answering my question they sound yummy
    best wishes Sarah