And the winners are …

Dear wonderful reader,

When I announced last week that I would draw names to give away a few advance reader copies of my novel, I anticipated only fun and good cheer. Instead I feel humbled by the response, and a bit lousy because I can’t give each and every one of you a copy. What kind of author says no to someone who wants to read her book?

I decided to draw names the old-fashioned way ( proved too intimidating.) Last night my daughter and I wrote all the names on identical size and color pieces of paper, folded them in half, and put them in a black hat. I then held the hat well above her head, and my daughter drew the names.

In hopes of garnering some sympathy for my difficult plight, I first want to list some of the people who did NOT win: a few of my favorite customers at Fireside Books did NOT win. New friends. Old friends. Readers who came to me because another author said they should. My grandmother’s best friend. The members of my book club, my very own Betties — not one of them won.  My flesh-and-blood relatives. My dear new Italian friend — the one who promised me her first unborn child and, more importantly a ride on her Vespa through Rome for Pete’s sake — did NOT win an ARC. And my favorite librarian, the one who orders research books for me from other libraries — she did NOT win an ARC. The gods of literacy are surely going to smite me down.

But, all that said, I am thrilled to get to announce the five people whose names did get pulled out of the hat. The list includes a couple of old friends and a few people I haven’t had the privilege of meeting yet. You are among my very first readers, and I am honored that you want a copy. I hope you enjoy it. And feel free to share it with friends, relatives, and neighbors who might want to read it as well.

And the winners are …

Martha P.

Marissa D.

Mary Lu M.

Trista C.

and Linda R.

If you are one of the winners, please email me at with a mailing address, and I’ll send the ARC your way.

Those of you who did not win, don’t give up yet. I still have a few copies left, although fewer than I thought. I plan to do at least one more contest before the Feb. 1 publication date.

Thank you all again for your enthusiasm, explanation points, and offers of bribes. You’re the best!




  • Sue Mathis says:

    Although my name was not on the winners list (I am a Betty), I am excited for those who were. I know you’ll love “The Snow Child” and you’ll pass it around to friends and family. I am looking forward to February when I can get a signed hardcover copy to add to my collection of wonderful reads!

  • Martha says:

    Than you so much!! You rock!!

  • nana says:

    Congratulations to the winners: Martha P., Marissa D., Mary Lu M., Trista C. and Linda R….Yay!! lucky,lucky bastards..LOL !!..just kidding..*coughnotreallycough* 🙂

    Oh well..I may not have won your book (which I’ll buy anyways), but I’ve gained more: a lovely new friend *happysmileheartsandstars*
    ..the ride on the Vespa is still yours Eowyn dear 😉