An ode (or more accurately “a blog”) to Fireside Books

Dear bookish reader,

Northwest Book Lovers, the blog for Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association, recently asked met to do a guest post. It was a wonderful chance for me to express something I’d been wanting to say for a long time.

In the fall of 2001, a sign appeared in a storefront in Palmer, Alaska. “Bookstore  . . . Coming Soon.” Whenever I drove by, I would slow down and try to peek in the windows, and over several weeks I watched boxes being stacked and unpacked and bare wooden shelves installed. I can’t remember ever being so excited about something in my hometown. But as much as I anticipated its opening, I never could have imagined how this little bookstore would change my fate.

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  • Melissa Behnke says:

    Thank you, Eowyn, this means SO much! 🙂

  • Yaya says:

    Read your post at Northwest. Sounds as though your relationship with Fireside Books has been great for both of you. Hope you and they have continued success.

  • Muriel Martinella says:

    J’ai adoré votre livre, la traduction française est sublime…J’habite moi même dans les Alpes françaises et j’ai retrouvé les description de l’hiver, la neige…(sauf que les animaux ne sont pas les mêmes qu’en Alaska mais c’était d’autant plus dépaysant !)….j’ai juste bien rigolé car vous parlez toujours de vieilles personnes (leurs vieux corps, leurs vieux yeux) alors qu’au début du livre ils ont à peine dépassé la cinquantaine ! j’ai moi même 57 et je me suis retrouvé centenaire 🙂 mais qu’importe l’âge, l’année de situation de ce livre, il est intemporel…et merveilleux ! j’attends maintenant le prochain ! je vous embrasse, Eowyn !

  • Jerry Tompkins says:

    The Outlander Book Club selected “The Snow Child” as our book-of-the-month and a lively discussion and rating (high) of the book can be found at:
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