Postcard from London

Here we are under the ferocious gaze of a Trafalgar lion! Our first day in London, and we’ve already had a marvelous time — a lovely brunch with publishing friends including a photo shoot at Platform 9 3/4 (for fellow Potter fans out there), a double-decker bus ride to Trafalgar Square, shopping on Regent Street, and afternoon tea at the National Gallery.

Tomorrow promises to be equally exciting — breakfast with independent booksellers, an 11 a.m. book signing at Waterstones Worcester, and a 7 p.m. signing, with cocktails and live music, at Waterstones Kensington. Hope to see some of you along the way.




  • cravingpages says:

    Glad you’re enjoying London! I’ll be heading down from Oxford tomorrow evening to see you at Waterstones Kensington – and really looking forward to it, sounds like an action-packed evening! I hope you continue to have a lovely time in the city tomorrow.

  • Nance says:

    So happy for you, and thrilled that Grace could join you for this part of the adventure! Enjoy!!

  • Rebecca Mitton says:

    Lovely to see you are here in London! Enjoy today, my parents live in Worcester!

  • Rory should be excited about the lion. Nice to see you needing a sweater or jacket in London. I’m ready to head for another climate or build an ark after the last two days and the upcoming forecast. Me thinks I should buy another snowblower for the up coming winter, have a his and hers. On a side note, Sam and Rory, after a hot tub, took home a couple jars of Chickaloon honey. Will there be any when you get back? Have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious time!

  • Donna Braendel says:

    How cool is that? It’s so much fun to follow your adventures, and seeing the pictures is great. Almost like being there! As the “Baer” said, we are close to floating away, but yesterday we actually saw the sun! I know Grace wanted to get on the train at the platform. Who wouldn’t? Keep having fun!