Where in the world?

Dear international reader,

I’m preparing for a month-long, whirlwind book tour that will take me to Australia, New Zealand and Europe. I’m hoping I’ll see some of you along the way. Anyone in Paris, London, Auckland, or Brisbane?

Here’s my schedule so far:

Aug. 31 – Sept. 2 Australia Melbourne Writers Festival. I’ll be participating in panel discussions and readings. This event in particular looks like a lot of fun!

Sept. 6 – Sept. 9 Brisbane Writers Festival.  I’m on several panel discussions about everything from bookselling to magic in fiction.

Sept. 13 Auckland, New Zealand. 6-7:30 p.m. I’ll be at Takapuna Library for a book talk and signing.

Sept. 17 London:

Sept. 20-23 Paris, Festival America. I’m on several panels, including discussing “characters in search of a writer,” and writing from an extreme local. And some of my very favorite authors will be at this international festival.

I’ll post letters and photos whenever I have the chance. In the meantime, I’m trying to figure out how I can pack everything I need for this trip into a single carry-on.



P.S. Thank you for your comments on my last letter — I so enjoyed reading your stories about wishing for water, dowsing for water, and sometimes getting too much of it. As I write to you just now, Sam is wiring and plumbing, and professionals are installing the pump in our well. So close I can almost taste that first cold, refreshing glass of water …


  • Sue Mathis says:

    Wow! Have a great time! Send photos.

  • Happy packing, Eowyn and safe travels. Sounds like a wonderful trip. I am really hoping to get my much-loved copy of The Snow Child signed by you at some point while you are down under. Bon voyage!

  • Angela says:

    Looking forward to seeing you in Auckland! Hope our sullen winter weather is long gone by the time you arrive.

  • Debbi Affinito says:

    Such exciting destinations! Happy travels to you!

  • Marigold Jam says:

    Have a great trip – if I possibly can I will try to get to London to see you as your book was a real favourite of mine and I posted a blog page to tell everyone how much I’d enjoyed it and to recommend it to them.

  • Will be letting all my Kiwi and Aussie friends know for sure!

  • Tezza says:

    I really hope I can make it to London on that day as would love to meet the person who filled me with so much magic while I read this. It really did transport me to the forests of Alaska I could almost feel the cold 🙂

  • manuela says:

    mi spiace che non verrai in Italia ma seguirò il tuo viaggio guardando tutte le foto che pubblicherai. ciao ciao

  • sardav64 says:

    How exciting
    I hope you have a really good trip
    Best wishes

  • I’m a primary school teacher so there is no way I’ll get to Worcester to see you. I’m gutted! I will keep track of your expedition. Have a brilliant time. xx

  • cravingpages says:

    Ridiculously excited to hear about this! I’ll definitely try to get to the 7pm Kensington one with my copy of The Snow Child in tow. I did an internship just around the corner at a tiny independent publishing house last summer, so I’m amused to hear you’re coming to the shop I spent a lot of lunchtimes in! Looking forward to saying hello 🙂

  • Heino Günther says:

    Wish you godspeed on your travels. Wished i could make it to Kensington.
    And remember “You never walk alone”.
    Hopefully you could come to Germany one day and present your great novel.
    Kind regards from Heino

  • Fra says:

    Good luck and happy trips around the world, Eowyn!
    Any plans to come to Italy?
    You should be so proud of your book! Even after many weeks I still remember it and the strong feelings I had while reading and the tears I shed when I read the last part…
    Have a great time!

  • paro2 says:

    Too bad you’re not coming to Germany – preferably Munich… I just discovered your book – as someone who reads 4,5 books a week I sometimes have a hard time finding anything new and satisfying.. Your book is a dream come true! A winner!

  • Mrs Penfold says:

    What a brilliant trip. Hope to see you in Melbourne.

  • NathanDunbar says:

    Amazing! Lots of photos please! 🙂

  • Happy travels on your whirlwind trip, Eowyn!

  • 20thcenturyanne says:

    Have a wonderful trip. I am looking forward to seeing pictures of New Zealand, a country I dearly love and one I visit often.

  • Jean Krupa says:

    Enjoy your trip across the country. When you return please contact me (Jean) so we can arrainge a possible talk / book signing at one of the 2013 Palmer Historical Society meetings. Wonderful book!!!