Postcard from Melbourne, Australia

G’day mates! Just arrived for the Melbourne Writers Festival, where on 10 a.m. Friday I’ll be be at The Morning Read, Saturday at 1 p.m. a panel discussion on what it’s like to be a debut novelist, and on Sunday a lovely event called Sofitel Salon.

In other news around the world, my UK publisher is celebrating “Snow Day” with the release of the paperback edition. Thanks to all the UK book bloggers who have joined in the celebration.

I’ll try to drop you a postcard whenever I have the chance.




  • Marigold Jam says:

    Enjoy your travels. I have already ordered a copy of the paperback edition of The Snow Child for my daughter.

  • Laura Gaiu says:

    Last weekend i was making a tour of libraries in order to find a book that could keep me in suspense for a couple of hours at evening. After reading table of contents from so many books, i ve decided that i have to have this book cause 100% i ll be captured from the content. I m in the middle of the action and really enjoy it every evening in my sofa.
    Congrats, really nice job 🙂
    U should do more in this way 🙂

    Laura G

  • Mrs Penfold says:

    Hi Eowyn, had to study all weekend to finish my essay. So couldn’t get to see you talk. Damn it! How did Melbourne go? All the best for the rest of your tour. xf

    • Eowyn Ivey says:

      So sorry I missed you Fran. Sounds like it was a busy time for both of us. Melbourne was great, and I so enjoyed the festival. I hope you did, too.

      • Mrs Penfold says:

        In the end, I couldn’t actually get to any of it. Had so much study to do, plus we had a number of authors into our school to give talks and do workshops. So our budget of money and time could not extend to me going to another PD. Wish I had seen the MWF timetable earlier so I could have jumped in and booked one of your sessions into our school budget! Hope you had a ball. xg

  • Just a note to let you know things are fine in Chickaloon with fall in full swing, the high bush cranberries are ripe and leaves are turning colors. Your chickens continue to lay 5 to 8 eggs a day, Jenny and I picked your giant, luscious raspberries and froze them for you to enjoy on your return. We found large cucumbers in the greenhouse, making bread and butter pickles and dill pickles with pints for your family. It has yet to frost. Anchorage was hit with a big wind storm, but it stayed calm in Chickaloon. I walked up the steep, steep hill (I find it hard to believe we sled down this in the winter) behind your house on Tuesday morning, picking a bucket of high bush cranberries (it’s time for more ketchup), looking for moose (I heard one), enjoying the magnificent views along the ridge with clouds and sun and losing the trail on my way down (I had to back track). Say hi to Rory for us and tell her Luna is fine.

    • Eowyn Ivey says:

      Great to hear, Mr. Baer 🙂 I am sorry to miss the most beautiful time of the year in Alaska, but I have to say — Australia is pretty fantastic. Thanks for all your help. And please eat lots of those berries and vegetables! Sam tried to bring me some garden carrots, but you aren’t allowed to bring him through customs. Drat!