Where are the daffodils?

The path to our front door still looks a bit wintery today.

Dear springy reader,

According to the calendar, today is the first day of spring. You might think otherwise when you look out on our yard. One of the snowiest winters ever means that we still have a long wait for green grass and tulips.

White snow reflects sunlight today in our backyard, where spring is taking its time.

But there is one hopeful sign of the season — sunlight. And lots of it. The days are growing by nearly six minutes, and we now have more daylight than darkness, a remarkable change from the winter months. And all the white snow just makes the sunshine more beautiful and brilliant.




  • Happy Spring, Eowyn! I was just in Anchorage and saw pussy willows blooming on a few trees. But not here in Kodiak, unfortunately.

  • Alexandra says:

    Lots of Daffodils in my garden – but I am on the south coast of England and this winter we have had scarcely enough snow to cover a hobbit’s toes…

  • Gorgeous Spring Day here in Moose Pass Alaska…..just got back from a 4 mile ski which was just beautiful…….Happy Spring……Eowyn, your picture with the sunlight shining on the snow, reminds so much of the Snow Child running through the forrest…….such a lovely book……

  • Monique Dalka says:

    I have decided to begin to reread your lovely book tonight if just to envelope myself in winter words! We have had a record high of 86 degrees today in the midwest. Not only are our daffadils blooming but our frogs are croaking! Enjoy the last of your snow; spring will be there in no time…

  • Hi Eowyn, I just wanted to drop by and say that I’ve recently just finished your book The Snow Child. I read lots, and it’s not often a book resonates so deeply with me, but after reading some fantastic reviews of your book I picked it up and couldn’t put it down. It’s magical, beautiful and atmospheric and as an aspiring author I hope one day to garner enough skill to create a story equally as captivating. Thank you for giving me inspiration to keep writing, and to not give up! I look forward to your future works. Thank you!

    Lisa from the UK xx

  • Andrew Raffensperger says:

    There are daffodils, crocus, grape hyacinths and tulips up here in Southern PA. All the trees are budding and many have gone to flower. Ornamental Pear, Cherry, Magnolia and of course one of my mom’s favorites; Forsythia. Thanks for the snow pictures! We didn’t get any this year. Had to settle for the fake stuff at Ski Roundtop when Judy, Andrea, Greg and Robin (friends from NY) and I went skiing. Love to you and yours Eowyn!

  • Alene Baker says:

    I’m a little jealous of your snow… we have had no winter in Florida this year. Put my unused sweaters away today and brought out the summer whites. In for a long, hot, summer I’m afraid. Hope you are beginning a new book but topping “TSC” will be a difficult task. Thank you for sharing your gift. Alene from Orlando

  • Peg Mages says:

    The daffodils, hyacinths and crocuses are blooming here in Buffalo, NY. Today the official temperature was 80 degrees! This has been one of the mildest winters ever. It almost seems too good to be true. For now, though, we are just enjoying our warm weather and asking no questions.

  • Yes, doesn’t the light and the sky look filled with promise, ever expansive 🙂

  • Beth Lillis says:

    Here in Texas we had no winter and now it almost feels like we will go directly to summer. The pictures of your home in Alaska are beautiful but in Texas we could use a little of that moisture as rain to break our drought. Still looking forward to getting enough time to read your book, it sounds wonderfu;

  • sardav64 says:

    Hi Ewoyn
    lovley photographs as usual.
    London and most of the UK is experiencing very warm spring weather at the moment.
    Which probably means a very chilly Easter!
    Greenwich Libraries where i work have been lucky enough to receive free copies of ‘waterstone 11’ samplers for our reading groups to enjoy ( which includes a sample of ‘the snow child’)
    best wishes Sarah