Hola and Ciao!

Dear multilingual reader,

While my debut novel The Snow Child will be released here in the United States on Feb. 1, it is coming out in countries around the world during the next few months. The first was Norway, where it was published this fall as Snøbarnet and it has received tremendous support from book bloggers like this and this.

The Spanish edition is next and comes out any day now as La Niña de Nieve. Here’s a preview from a Spanish-speaking reader.

And at the end of November, Einaudi in Italy will release La Bambina di Neve. Here is a preview from an Italian blogger.

I also recently learned that my UK publisher Headline Review will distribute to New Zealand, as well as Australia and South Africa. And Little, Brown & Co. here in the United States will also be sending The Snow Child to Canada.

So I just want to say hello, hola and ciao to readers around the world.




  • I’m finding it hard to be patient when other countries get to read your book and we don’t:) Soon…Congratulations!

  • Sarah davis says:

    It’s an excellent read well done

  • Peg Mages says:

    Dear Eowyn ~ Just came back from lunch with your grandmother (and others from Allendale.) She is so proud of you and so are we. Looking forward to Feb. 1 so we can share in the fun of reading “The Snow Child.”

  • The Brave says:

    I will be recommending it to all and sundry in Feb when it comes to Australia. I loved it so very much.

  • Hi all. Because I know all of you are excited about Eowyn’s debut novel ‘The Snow Child’ as much as I am, I thought I’d share some EXCITING news about her and her novel!

    I’m going to be INTERVIEWING Eowyn soon, so I’ve just created a post called “Upcoming: author interview with Eowyn Ivey (the Snow Child) and “Art of Writing” sessions”.

    Please drop by for more on her, the interview and ‘The Snow Child’ (including where to pre-order your copy RIGHT NOW).

    And if you want to learn more about the “Art of Writing”, I’m holding a series of special sessions very soon too, so I need your input for those.

    Thanks 🙂

  • That’s SO cool that you get so many covers! You get to debut multiple times. 🙂 But I agree with the others – why do we in the US have to wait so long??