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Dear reader,

If you haven’t already, today is the last day to enter the drawing for an advance reader copy of my novel, THE SNOW CHILD. Visit my June 22 post and write in the comments “I want an ARC!” I’ll choose the winners using random.org, and tomorrow I’ll announce them here on the blog. Because I have nearly 40 entrants already, I’m going to give away 5 copies, so your odds will be better than 1 in 10.

And those of you who don’t win, don’t give up. I’ll still have a few ARCs, so during the months between now and the Feb. 1 publication date, I’ll offer a couple more drawings.




  • Sue Mathis says:

    Even if I’m not one of the lucky ARC winners, or if I am, I’m still planning on buying a hardcover copy when it comes out in Feb. Then I’ll have you sign it and I’ll keep it on my bookcase so I can say “Hey, she’s my friend!” when you are an internationally famous author!!!!

  • nana says:

    I second what you said Sue (except for the sign bc I’ll be waiting for Eowyn to visit my country! 😉 ).
    The cover alone has to have its own spot on my bookshelf.
    Shout is an amazing artist, and to own two gems in one, has no price to me!
    I Know the book is still a little ‘blip’ in Eowyn’s belly, but I hope we will be able to read an extract, at some point.. only to make the wait more bearable ;o)